HiRel Microelectronics

Standard ICs and ASICs along with Electronic Manufacturing Services (CCA, Radiation Testing, Upscreening and Packaging).

Events for 2018

Event Date/Name Exhibitors Location Comments Booth/Stand

June 12-14
Cobham Advanced Electronic Solutions Philadelphia, PA [USA] Exhibiting 1039

June 17-19
Cobham Semiconductor Solutions Leuven, Belgium Exhibiting

June 18-21
Cobham Semiconductor Solutions NASA Goddard Space Flight Center [USA] Presentations

July 16-20
Cobham Semiconductor Solutions Kona, Hawaii [USA] Exhibiting

Aug 4-9
Cobham Advanced Electronic Solutions Logan, UT [USA] Exhibiting

September 17-21
Cobham Gaisler/Semiconductor Solutions Gothenburg, Sweden Exhibiting & Demos 33-34

Nov 13-18
Cobham Semiconductor Solutions Munich, Germany Exhibiting