Cobham Weinschel

For over 60 years, the Weinschel name has become synonymous with quality, performance and reliability. Our extensive range of products include components, subsystems and connector systems built upon a strong engineering heritage.

Cobham Weinschel

Providing a wide variety of Standard and custom RF & Microwave Components & Subsystems that operate over the dc to 50 GHz frequency range.

Cobham Weinschel

Get the latest RF & Microwave Components & Subsystems Catalog from Cobham Weinschel: This New 60th Anniversary edition outlines Cobham Weinschel's wide range of RF, Wireless, & Microwave Components and Subsystems.

Cobham Weinschel

Bring your 3G/4G Testing to a Solid State! If it's time to bring your test systems to the digital age, look to Cobham Weinschel, the leaders in solid-state programmable attenuation.

Cobham Weinschel

Routing. Conditioning. Streamlined: Our promise - one perfectly integrated, dependable signal routing and conditioning box. That's why defense programs such as JSF, SSEE, JTRS, GMR, and EPLARS have put their faith in us.

Cobham Weinschel Solutions

For over sixty years the name Weinschel has become synonymous with leadership in RF and microwave technologies and superior quality components and subsystems for wireless, defense, test and measurement, and broadband markets throughout the world. Among its many technological achievements, Weinschel was the first to design and manufacture commercially available coaxial attenuators. Today, built upon a strong heritage, Cobham Weinschel (formerly Aeroflex / Weinschel) continues to provide a vast array of standard products together with custom-engineered solutions to satisfy demanding market needs for precision and high reliability coaxial components.

Cobham Weinschel's product offering includes fixed attenuators for test, metrology and space applications; continuously variable, manual step, solid-state digital step and programmable step attenuators; high power terminations; resistive splitters and dividers; manual phase shifters; Planar Blind-Mate ®, Planar Crown ® connectors. In addition to coaxial components covering DC-40 GHz, Weinschel offers a complete range of standard and custom-designed SmartStep ® multi-path switching, combining, and attenuation subsystems for cable infrastructure and mobile wireless test applications, including RF simulation, multi-path and fading, high-power hot-switching attenuation, RF signal conditioning, RF and IF signal routing, and production testing.

Cobham Weinschel's 35,000 square foot facility, located in Frederick, Maryland, is certified to ISO 9001-2008 standards.

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