What Advances Can You Make With Cobham?

Whether you are designing small or large satellites - Commercial, Government or Defense - Cobham provides the latest innovations in HiRel microelectronics, waveguides, antennas, and motion control solutions.

From components to subsystems, prototype to production, Cobham has decades of flight history to provide your HiRel standard products and custom ASICs.

Along with our system development engineering, radiation testing and circuit card assembly facilities, Cobham can create a tailored solution to enable your success.

Some of our space qualified proudcts include:

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Controller Area Network (CAN) FD Transceivers

Capable of baud rates between 10 kbps to 8 Mbps and include a slope-control mode to control the slew rate of the transmissions for baud rates of up to 500kbps.

Custom ASIC Solutions

Satellite / Space ASICs RadHard ASICs, 90nHBD, 130nHBD, 0.6µm to 0.25µm processes, QML Q and QML V certified.

MRAMs and Memory Products

Offering a variety of HiRel memory products - MRAMs are now QML V certified and in production.

Single Board Computers (SBC)

GEN 6 LEON 3FT - a flight ready TRL-6 SBC for LEO, GEO and Planetary Missions.

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