HiRel Memories

Aeroflex offers a variety of memory products for your HiRel applications. Our newest products include:

  • MRAMs: QML Q/Q+ devices are now available for the 16Mbit UT8MR2M8 MRAM and prototypes are available for the 64Mbit UT8MR8M8 MRAM.
  • SSRAMs: Our newest RadTolerant memories are the Synchronous SRAM (SSRAM) Family - 64M/80M/96Mbit. Prototypes are available for the 64Mbit products.

To aid in design, Aeroflex offers the Memory Power Calculator spreadsheet (.xlsx) for calculating memory power dissipation. The calculator supports all current Aeroflex memory designs. Please reference the ReadMe & Instructions page of the spreadsheet for additional information.

For questions, please call 800-645-8862.

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Memory News

  • Since January of 2014, we are QML Q/Q+ certified for our 16Mbit non-volatile MRAM (magnetoresistive random access memory) product. Our MRAMs include the 16Mbit UT8MR2M8, offered in two 40-lead flatpacks with QML Q/Q+ devices available now, and a 64Mbit UT8MR8M8, available in a 64-lead flatpack with prototypes available now and expected QML Q/Q+ qualification in November 2014!!
  • Aeroflex's Advanced HiRel Memory Solutions: Sessions 1 & 2 Seminar Series has concluded. However, you may request the WebEx audio presentation here!

Available Memory Products

Non-Volatile Memories
Description Configuration Voltages Access
Package QML Q&V SMD Part
UT8MR2M8 16M MRAM2M x 83.3V45 ns40 FPQ,V *5962-12227
UT8MR8M8 64M MRAM4-2M x 83.3V50 ns64 FPQ,V *5962-13207
UT8MR8M8-EVB 64M MRAM Evaluation Board: Allows the user access to most all the features of the 64Mb MRAM via bench top evaluation or using the UT699 LEON-3FT evaluation board.
UT8QNF8M864Mb NOR Flash4M x 16 or 8M x 83.3V60 ns48 FPQ,Q+5962-12204
UT28F64PROM8K x 85V35 ns 28 FP and 28 DIPQ,V5962-96873
UT28F64LVPROM8K x 83.3V 55 ns28 FP and 28 DIPQ,V5962-01516
UT28F256LVQLEPROM32K x 83.3V65 ns 28 FPQ,V5962-01517
UT28F256QLEPROM32K x 85V45 ns 28 FPQ,V5962-96891
* QML V Pending
Volatile Memories
Description Configuration Voltages Access
Package QML Q&V SMD Part
UT8SP2M48 96M SSRAM2M x 482.5 to 3.3V7.2 ns288 CLGA/CCGA/CBGAQ,Q+ *****TBD
UT8SP2M40 80M SSRAM2M x 402.5 to 3.3V7.2 ns288 CLGA/CCGA/CBGAQ,Q+ *****TBD
UT8SP2M32 64M SSRAM2M x 322.5 to 3.3V7.2 ns288 CLGA/CCGA/CBGAQ,Q+ *****TBD
UT8SF2M48 96M SSRAM2M x 482.5 to 3.3V12.9 ns288 CLGA/CCGA/CBGAQ,Q+ *****TBD
UT8SF2M40 80M SSRAM2M x 402.5 to 3.3V12.9 ns288 CLGA/CCGA/CBGAQ,Q+ *****TBD
UT8SF2M32 64M SSRAM2M x 322.5 to 3.3V12.9 ns288 CLGA/CCGA/CBGAQ,Q+ *****TBD
UT8R512K8 4M SRAM512K x 83.3V *15 ns36 FPQ,V5962-03235
UT8ER512K32 16M SRAM Monolithic512K x 323.3V *20 ns68 FPQ,V5962-06261
UT8R128K32 4M SRAM128K x 323.3V *15 ns68 FPQ,V5962-03236
UT8Q1024K8 **8M SRAM 1024K x 83.3V25 ns44 FPQ,T5962-01532
UT7Q5124M SRAM 512K x 85V100 ns32 FPQ,T5962-99606
UT8Q512E 4M SRAM512K x 83.3V20 ns36 FPQ,V5962-99607
UT8Q512 ***4M SRAM 512K x 83.3V20 ns36 FPQ,T5962-99607
UT9Q512E 4M SRAM512K x 85V20 ns36 FPQ,V5952-00536
UT7C138/139RHDual-Port SRAM4K x 8/95V 45 ns68 FP and 68 DIPQ,V5962-96845
Multi-Chip Modules (MCMs)
UT8SDMQ64M483.0Gb SDRAM MCM 64M x 483.3V7.5 ns128 FPQ,Q+5962-10230
UT8SDMQ64M402.5Gb SDRAM MCM 64M x 403.3V7.5 ns128 FPQ,Q+5962-10229
UT8ER4M32 128M SRAM4M x 323.3V *25 ns132 FPQ,Q+5962-10204
UT8ER2M32 64M SRAM2M x 323.3V *22 ns132 FPQ,V5962-10203
UT8ER1M32 32M SRAM1M x 323.3V *20 ns132 FPQ,V5962-10202
UT8R4M39 160M SRAM4M x 393.3V *25 ns132 FPQ,Q+5962-10207
UT8R2M39 80M SRAM2M x 393.3V *22 ns132Q,V5962-10206
UT8R1M39 40M SRAM1M x 393.3V *20 ns132 FPQ,V5962-10205
UT8CR512K32 16M SRAM512K x 323.3V *17 ns68 FPQ,V5962-04227
UT8Q512K32E 16M SRAM MCM512K x 323.3V25 ns68 FPQ,V5962-01533
UT8Q512K32 **** 16M SRAM MCM512K x 323.3V25 ns68 FPQ,T5962-01533
UT9Q512K32E 16M SRAM MCM512K x 325V25 ns68 FPQ,V5962-01511
1.8V core
End of Life
End of life - Replaced by UT8Q512E
End of life - Replaced by UT8Q512K32E
QML Q and V Pending