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ARM® Microcontroller

ARMĀ® Microcontroller

Future Cobham offering of a RadTolerant ARM® Cortex™ -M0+ MicroController with an integrated Analog Front End and on-board volatile and non-volatile memory.

The UT32M0R500 is a System On a Chip solution that is ideal for distributed command and control.

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For questions, please email us at info-ams@cobham.com ou call 800-645-8862.

Key features:

  • Highly Integrated Analog Front End
    • ADC with PGA, Mux, PCS, DACs, Comparators, Timers, PWMs
  • On-board memory
    • Dual-port SRAM with EDAC and Scrubbing
    • NOR Flash
  • Variety of Peripherals
    • 2 CAN2.0B controllers
  • Addresses SWAP: Size, Weight, and Power
    • 143 pin CLGA; 14.5 x 14.5 mm
    • Power Management
  • Guaranteed Radiation Performance & Quality
  • Powerful Set of Development and Debug Tools