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Single Board Computer (SBC) Family

Single Board Computer Family

Cobham Semiconductor Solutions introduces our off-the-shelf Single Board Computer family.

With our Electronic Manufacturing Service (EMS) experience on the LEAP and various flight board builds, Cobham can serve your needs with an off-the-shelf Single Board Computer (SBC) option specifically designed for Command and Control Applications.

Our first is a GEN 6 LEON 3FT - a flight ready TRL-8 SBC for LEO, GEO and Planetary Missions.

Features include:

  • Flexible Architecture
  • Enabled for use of LEON 3FTs Microprocessors - UT699, UT699E, UT700
  • Up to 95 Dhrystone MIPS performance with 132MHz System Clock
  • 64MB of SRAM Memory
    • 4 of Cobham 160Mb SRAMs
  • 32MB of NV Memory
    • 5 of Cobhams 64Mb MRAMs
  • Two cPCI bus I/F connectors (Hypertronics)
  • Two SpW connectors and front panel test connector
  • IPC-6012 Class 3A compliance
  • Analyses completed as of 4-2015
    • MTBR Rel Analysis
    • Component Radiation
    • FMEA on all components and failure modes
    • Signal Integrity
    • Timing analysis
  • TRL-8 board qualification completed

The GEN 6 SBC is available now for your missions!

For questions, please call 800-645-8862.

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Single Board Computer News

  • Cobham Semiconductor Solutions is proud to announce our new, automated circuit card assembly line to help assemble your higher volumes - view our video!
  • GEN 6 LEON 3FT

Available Single Board Computer Products

Single board Computer (SBC) Products
Part Number
LEON Main Clock
AMBA Clock
Memory Access (MHz)/
Wait States
SpW Clk
Typical Power
DS4350272-x00UT699E333333 / 0 W-S44.2333.05.1
DS4350272-x01UT699E666666 / 3 W-S70.41323.56.6
DS4350272-x02UT700333333 / 0 W-S44.2333.05.1
DS4350272-x03UT700666666 / 3 W-S70.41323.56.6
DS4350272-x04UT7001326666 / 3 W-S94.91324.27.3
DS4350272-x05UT69949.549.549.5 / 3 W-S50.9995.58.5
Conditions: cPCI active/Memory Access [Typ = no Access | Max = 50%
All other IP Functions Disabled via Clock gating register.
GEN VI Single Board Computer EM, FM Designations
Several models of the GEN VI SBCs can be manufactured based on usage purpose, delivery schedule, mass, and cost.

The following types of assemblies are identified:
a) Flight Modules (FM): Designated by a -3xx in the part number, the FMs are used in spacecraft final production. These units meet full specifications.
b) Engineering Model (EM): Designated by a -1xx in the part number, the EMs are flight-like units used in the flight design checkout, software development and qualification, upper assembly unit checkout and initial flight unit integration (pre-environmental). EMs meet full design specifications less the Flight Parts and board level environmental tests/screening.