Aeroflex Microelectronic Solutions is a world leader in the design, manufacturing and marketing of high-reliability integrated circuits and packaging, motion control and motors, microwave and RF devices, components and subsystems for the aerospace, defense, fixed broadband, wireless/mobile, and test and measurement markets.


Aeroflex Microelectronic Solutions is one of the industry's leading suppliers of standard and custom RF and Microwave devices, components, integrated assemblies and subsystems from DC-65 GHz for Aerospace/Defense and commercial applications.

  • Aeroflex / Inmet Aeroflex / Inmet Manufacturer of Coaxial and Surface Mount components operating up to 65 GHz with power handling up to 650 Watts.
  • Aeroflex / Metelics Aeroflex / Metelics PIN & Schottky diodes, SRDs & tuning varactors, and MIS capacitors in a variety of standard and custom-designed package configurations.
  • Aeroflex / Metelics Hi-Rel Components Aeroflex / Metelics Hi-Rel Now offering JAN-qualified diodes, transistors, regulators and chips as well as Lab Testing Services.
  • Aeroflex Microwave Filter Components Aeroflex Microwave Filter Components RF and Microwave filters are individual filter and multi-function assemblies for wireless base station front ends, point-to-point to microwave radios, amplifier, and other commercial applications.
  • Aeroflex Nanjing Aeroflex Nanjing Products include Ferrite Circulators and Isolators & Cable Load Assemblies.
  • Aeroflex Signal & Control Solutions Aeroflex Signal & Control Solutions A leading supplier of high performance solid-state RF and microwave components and subsystems.
  • Aeroflex / Weinschel Aeroflex / Weinschel RF & Microwave components and subsystems operating from dc to 50 GHz, up to 1,000 W power handling.

  • PowerFilm – See our Aeroflex / Inmet new PowerFilm products Chip and Flange Attenuators, Chip Resistors, Terminations
  • Synthesizers - Aeroflex Signal & Control Solutions' 2600 Series COTS Synthesizer is available now!

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