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Cobham Signal & Control Solutions (formerly Aeroflex Signal & Control Solutions) is a leading supplier of high performance solid-state RF and microwave components and subsystems.

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Switch Matrices

Cobham Signal & Control Solutions - Switch Matricess

Cobham Signal & Control Solutions is your source for custom PIN diode and GAASFET based switch matrices. With complete design and test capability to 40GHz, we have the resources to help you develop a new design, build to an existing specification or replace an obsolete component. From commercial to space qualified, we can help.

All switch matrices are available with hermetic seal and high-rel screening for mil and space qualified applications. With our extensive expertise, we can integrate a wide variety of components and functions such as limiters, amplifiers, attenuators, combiners/dividers, filters, detectors, etc. Additional capabilities include microprocessor control and monitoring, RF signal monitoring, and power supply conditioning.

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Design Features:

Cobham Signal & Control Solutions Synthesizers and Frequency Sources
  • Blocking or non-blocking
  • Automatic leveling loops
  • Integrated or modular construction for versatile flexibility from 2 x 2 and up.
  • All switch matrices incorporate TTL compatible drivers unless otherwise noted.
  • SMA female connectors standard unless otherwise noted.
  • All models are available with hermetic seal and high-rel screening for mil and spaced-based applications.
  • -55°C to +85°C operating temperature range unless otherwise noted.

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  • Our 2600 Series COTS Synthesizer

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