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Cobham Signal & Control Solutions is a leading supplier of high performance solid-state RFMW components and subsystems.

Custom Detectors and Detector Assemblies

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Cobham Signal & Control Solutions is a leading manufacturer of RF and microwave schottky and tunnel diode detectors. Operating frequency ranges extend to beyond 40 GHz.

The detectors are typically available with a single detector diode for most broadband applications. Voltage doublers and quadruplers are available for special applications. Some models incorporate input pads or resistors to improve input VSWR. Limiters can be incorporated for high power protection. Many schottky detectors include an internal video protection diode to prevent damage due to transient or static voltages present at the detector output.

Matched output or forward voltages are available on schottky detectors.

Tunnel detectors are noted for exceptional thermal stability without the need for bias voltage.

Shottky Detectors:

Tunnel Detectors:

Custom Detectors and Detector Assemblies

Cobham Signal & Control Solutions offers many types of custom schottky and tunnel diode detectors and detector-based assemblies. All models and types can be optimized for narrow or broadband frequency ranges up to 40 GHz. We have extensive design resources to help develop and realize a new design, build to an existing specification or replace an obsolete component. All designs are available with hermetic seal and hi-rel screening for mil and space-based applications. From commercial to space qualified applications, we can help.

With our extensive expertise, we can integrate a wide variety of components and functions such as limiters, amplifiers, attenuators, combiners/dividers, filters, couplers, etc. Additional capabilities include microprocessor control and monitoring, RF signal monitoring, and power supply conditioning.

Contact the factory or local sales representative to discuss your design and application.

Threshold DetectorsCoupler-Detectors
  • Adjustable or fixed threshold levels
  • TTL output standard
  • Fast response time
  • Digital or analog voltage output
  • Low insertion loss
  • Fast response time
Amplifier Detectors
  • Extended sensitivity
  • Integral preamplifier
Detector Amplifiers
  • High output voltage
  • Integral video amplifier
Limiter Detectors
  • High CW and pulsed RF power protection

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