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Cobham Signal & Control Solutions (formerly Aeroflex Signal & Control Solutions) is a leading supplier of high performance solid-state RF and microwave components and subsystems.

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Standard Attenuators

Cobham Signal & Control Solutions Digital Attenuators

Cobham Signal & Control Solutions offers PIN diode analog and digital attenuators with precision, reliability, and repeatability for the most demanding applications.

Typical attenuators would be monotonic. Select models can be temperature or frequency stabilized as needed. Phase invariant models are also available. Frequency ranges are typical octave bands, however multi-octave bandwidths are custom designs. Standard screened devices incorporate epoxy sealed lids and undergo a stringent yet cost effective screening cycle. The attenuators are also available with hermetic seal and high-rel screening for mil and space applications.


  • EW Systems
  • Communications Systems
  • Automatic Gain Control
  • Test Equipment
  • Electronic Simulators
  • Leveling Circuits

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  • Our 2600 Series COTS Synthesizer

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