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Cobham Signal & Control Solutions is a leading supplier of high performance solid-state RFMW components and subsystems.

Order Information

How To Order:

The information in the catalog will aid you in selecting particular Cobham Signal & Control Solutions products. If additional information is required, please contact ASCS at one of our numbers:

Source Inspection

If either an in-process or final source inspection is required, please contact Cobham Signal & Control Solutions for a quotation. The cost of a source inspection will vary depending on the product type and quantity. Our Quality Assurance department will assist in scheduling all inspections.

Non-recurring Engineering (NRE)

All first-time and custom product designs may incur a non-recurring engineering charge. This charge is a result of engineering design effort including any tooling or test fixtures associated with the new design and will be determined during the quoting process.

Design and Test Documentation

Our design team utilizes the latest software to produce custom deliverable documents including Acceptance Test Procedures, Qualification Test Procedures, Reliability Predictions, Thermal Analysis, Stress Analysis, etc. for all products. Contact our engineering department to discuss your specific requirements.

Environmental Screening

All products are designed and manufactured to the highest standards under closely monitored and controlled processes. An integral part of the manufacturing process involves 100% pre-cap inspection and thermal cycle. Should your application require specific environmental screening above and beyond Cobham Signal & Control Solutions standard screening, we can provide any environmental test schedule such as MIL-PRF-38534E, Appendix C, Table C-IX, Device Screening. Contact our engineering department to discuss your requirements.

Shipping Information

All orders are F.O.B. Eatontown or F.O.B. Plainview unless otherwise specified. Damages incurred during shipping are to be settled between the customer and the carrier. Shipments from the point of origin will be shipped United Parcel Service, Federal Express, Air Parcel Post or by other means as specified by Cobham Signal & Control Solutions or the customer.

Certificate of Conformance

A Certificate of Conformance accompanies all shipments.
" We hereby certify that all materials and/or work performed is in accordance with all specifications, drawings, and all other purchase order requirements. Test and/or inspection records indicating conformance are on file with us or our suppliers for your examination and are available upon written request."

Quotations and Pro Forma Invoices

Quotations can be obtained directly from Cobham Signal & Control Solutions or by contacting your local sales representative. All destination charges and shipping charges are estimated on all Pro Forma Invoices.

Change Orders and Cancellations

Change orders will be discussed between the customer and Cobham Signal & Control Solutions regarding price, delivery, or any other condition specified in the original order. The customer will receive, upon agreement with Cobham Signal & Control Solutions, an acknowledgement regarding changes to the original order. Cancellation of an order can only be made with the consent of Cobham Signal & Control Solutions. A restocking charge will be applied to all completed parts not shipped.

Cobham Signal & Control Solutions
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Tel: 732-460-0212
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Address for Orders and Contracts
Aeroflex Control Components
40 Industrial Way East
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Sales Representatives
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You may also call your local
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Payment Options
25418 Network Place
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25418 Network Place
Chicago, IL 60673-1254
Credit Cards: Cobham Signal & Control Solutions accepts Visa and MasterCard.
Domestic Terms: Net 30 days. Bank references and three credit references are required.
Export Terms: Net 30 days. Bank references and three credit references are required.
CAGE Codes
Aeroflex Control Components Aeroflex Plainview
64537 (Eatontown, NJ)
62482 (Eatontown, NJ)
88379 (Plainview, NY)

Application Engineering

Engineering support can be obtained by contacting the engineers at Cobham Signal & Control Solutions. They are available to help you with your special requirements and application problems.


You will be notified of delivery dates for each product. Some products are kept in stock and may be readily available.

Product and Price Changes

Cobham Signal & Control Solutions reserves the right to change product specifications and prices listed in this catalog without notice.


RepairsRepairs or recalibrations will be made at Cobham Signal & Control Solutions. Before returning parts or equipment, an RMA number must be obtained. Please contact Cobham Signal & Control Solutions or your local sales representative for shipping instructions and address verification. Please inform Cobham Signal & Control Solutions or your sales representative of the reason for return and indicate the model number and serial number of the parts or equipment being returned. A repair charge may be imposed if the problem is caused by the customer or if beyond the warrantee period of one year.

Repair Parts

If repair parts are needed, contact Cobham Signal & Control Solutions or your local sales representative. Include a description of the part or equipment required, including model number and serial number.

Terms and Conditions

Click to read the Cobham Signal & Control Solutions Terms and Conditions.