Cobham HiRel Microelectronic Products

Cobham Semiconductor Solutions (formerly Aeroflex) provides standard ICs and ASICs along with Electronic Manufacturing Services (CCA, Radiation Testing, Upscreening and Packaging).

Cobham ASIC Products

Custom ASICS for the Medical Industry for Ultrasond and x-Ray Imaging as well as many other industrial applications.

Cobham RF & Microwave Products

Cobham RFMW Solutions (formerly Aeroflex RF & Microwave) is one of the industry's leading suppliers of microwave and RF devices

Cobham Motion Control Solutions

Cobham Motion Control Solutions (formerly Aeroflex Motion Control Products) provides complete and integrated motion solutions for space, military and avionics.

Cobham Electronic Manufacturing Services

Cobham offers a full turnkey electronic manufacturing operation, including assemblies, modules, systems complete with testing and coating capabilities in a USA facility.

Cobham Semiconductor Solutions

(Formerly Aeroflex Microelectronic Solutions)

Cobham Advanced Electronic Solutions' Semiconductor Solutions Business Unit is a world leader in design and manufacturing for markets such as:
   • Aerospace
   • Defense
   • Medical
   • Screening
   • Industrial


Our products and services include:
   • High-reliability integrated circuits
   • Electronic Manufacturing Services
   • Circuit Card Assembly
   • Radiation Test Services